2010 Spring New Images

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Fall new images

Stamping with markers


Starter kit includes:

Froggie stamp set ( 07FR001)
Words background stamp (07BG006)
9cmx11cm Acrylic block
440 sheets 4.25"X5.50" clay coated glossy paper

Products sold separately
Marvy brush markers:
#1 black, #2 red, # 11 green, #15 olive green. # 18 dark brown and #96 jungle green.
Lake mist dye base ink pad.

Step 1. Select a rubber stamp from your
package and position on to the
acrylic block (Image A)

Step 2. Take your selection of brush markers
to color the image on the rubber stamp.
The trick is to always start with your
lighter colors to your darker colors.
(Image B)

Step 3. It is not necessary to work quickly on
the details of coloring your image on
the rubber stamp. The ink from the
Marvy markers dry slowly on the rubber
which allows you to be creative with the

Step 4. You are now ready to stamp your image
onto the glossy paper. Position your
image over the glossy paper and press
down firmly, this will provide a clear
stamped image (do not rock the acrylic block).

Step 5. If you wish to have a background image,
place your background stamp on the table and rub a muted colored ink pad
over the rubber stamp. ( Image C )

Step 6. Position your glossy paper on top of the

inked background stamp (Image C).
To keep your fingers ink free, cover the stamp
with a scrap piece of paper. Rub the surface
gently, then remove the paper and carefully
lift the glossy paper from the background stamp.

Step 7. Layer your stamped glossy image on coordinating colored cardstock and you have
just created a beautifully handmade stamped card.

Step 8. Clean your rubber stamp with a damp cloth
and position it back in the package.

Monday, May 10, 2010

new sample cards

I know, I know. I have been on the road for the shows. Haven't get a chance to add any new stuffs to my blog. Here are some new sample cards, hoping you like them.

Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Lisa's brand new desings

Dear friends,

Lisa's newest 2009 fall designs are ready from the oven, hot ! hot ! hot ! 24 shows in 2009, 19 done and 5 more to go, please visit our website for the shows schedules.

2009 Fall New Images

Chinese legends

Deep Blue Sea






Friday, February 20, 2009

2009 Spring New Stamps

Please click HERE to view our 2009 spring stamp images.